EUV movies
The IMAGE spacecraft carries an extreme ultraviolet (EUV) imager to detect solar EUV photons that are resonantly scattered by singly ionized helium in the plasmasphere, the torus of cold dense plasma surrounding the Earth in the inner magnetosphere. A sophisticated computer deconvolution technique is used to translate the EUV photon counts registered by the instrument into images of the plasmasphere. Because of the IMAGE spacecraft's high apogee altitude (~7 Earth radii) and the EUV imager's wide field of view, images generated from data acquired at apogee show the structure of the entire plasmasphere. The combined analysis of the EUV images and RPI data on plasmaspheric plasma density allows researchers to study the global structure and dynamics of the plasmasphere and plasmapause as they change in response to changing levels of magnetospheric activity, while correlated analyses of EUV and NAI images yield insights into the nature of the interaction between the cold plasma of the plasmasphere and the hot plasmas of the ring current and the near-Earth plasma sheet.

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