HENA Images of ENA fluxes during the July 15-16 Geomagnetic Storm

The six images below show energetic neutral atom fluxes in the inner magnetosphere before and during the major geomagnetic storm on July 15-16, 2000. The images were acquired with the HENA instrument, one of three neutral atom imagers carried by the IMAGE spacecraft. In the false color scheme used to produce these images, red indicates the highest flux, and blue the lowest. The most intense fluxes are observed from the mirror points at the poles. The storm was triggered by a fast CME that erupted from the Sun on July 14 and arrived at Earth on Saturday, July 15, at around 14:40 UT. During the main phase of the storm, the the Dst index reached a low of -295 nT according to the World Data Center at Kyoto and the Kp index reached its maximum value of 9.

See also the still images and MPEG movie of the aurora as observed with the FUV/WIC instrument during the July 15 storm.

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