March 25, 2001: The first anniversary of the IMAGE launch

IMAGE celebrated its first birthday on March 25, and IMAGE team members are looking forward to a second year of exciting observations. Results from the first year of the IMAGE mission were published in the January 26th issue of Science and in the March 15th issue of Geophysical Research Letters. In addition, IMAGE is featured in the April issue of Scientific American, in an article on space storms by IMAGE Principal Investigator, Jim Burch.

J.L. Burch et al., Views of Earth's Magnetosphere with the IMAGE Satellite, Science, Vol. 291, pp. 619-624, 26 January 2001

James L. Burch, The Fury of Space Storms, Scientific American, pp. 86-94, April 2001

Special 8-paper section on IMAGE mission results in:
Geophysical Research Letters, Vol. 28, No. 6., 15 March 2001