The Central Instrument Data Processor (CIDP), shown below, is a RAD-6000-based payload computer that was developed at Southwest Research Institute for the IMAGE mission. The CIDP receives, processes, and compresses data from IMAGE's six instruments; processes and relays commands to the instruments; performs attitude calculations and forwards that information to the instruments; and controls power distribution to the instruments. In addition, the CIDP also provides control of 14 deckplate heaters used to maintain the operational temperature of the instruments. The CIDP software is written in C++. The CIDP communicates with the individual instrument processors over serial RS-422 telemetry and command interfaces and with the IMAGE System Control Unit (SCU)--the spacecraft C&DH computer--via a redundant Mil-Std 1553 bus. The SCU was also developed at SwRI and uses the same architecture, same packaging, and several of the same modules as the CIDP.

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