"First Light"

"First Light" images from the Extreme Ultraviolet, Far Ultraviolet, Neutral Atom, and Radio Plasma imagers (May, 2000).

IMAGE Launch

Photos of the IMAGE launch, March 25, 2000.

IMAGE Slide Show

A collection of photos showing the IMAGE payload deck, close-ups of the individual instruments, the spacecraft during various stages of pre-launch testing, and the spacecraft inside the Delta II fairing.

Images of the Plasmasphere

Still images and movies from the EUV instrument showing the structure and dynamics of the Earth's plasmasphere, a donut-shaped region of low-energy plasma surrounding the Earth.

Auroral Images

Still images and movies of Earth's dynamic aurora from the FUV and EUV instruments.

Neutral Atom Images

Still images from IMAGE's three neutral atom imagers and a movie from the High-Energy Neutral Atom (HENA) imager.

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