The IMAGE payload deck after integration of all the instruments. For a close-up schematic showing the instrument layout, click here.

Neutral Atom Imagers (LENA, MENA, HENA)
Imaging of energetic neutral atom (ENA) emissions produced by charge exchange reactions between geocoronal neutral hydrogen and the "hot" plasmas of the ring current and inner plasma sheet; ENA emissions from upward flowing ionospheric ions; and ENA emissions associated with coronal mass ejections (CMEs)

Far-Ultraviolet (FUV) Imaging System
Narrow-band imaging of far-ultraviolet auroral emissions excited by precipitating protons and electrons at 121.8 nm and 135.6 nm, respectively (Spectrographic Imager, SI); wide-band imaging of auroral band emissions from molecular nitrogen (Wide-field Imaging Camera, WIC); measurement of geocoronal Lyman alpha emissions (GEO)

Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Imager
Imaging of extreme ultraviolet (30.4 nm) emissions from singly ionized helium in the Earth's plasmasphere

Radio Plasma Imager (RPI)
Radio sounding of the magnetopause, plasmapause, cusp, and ionosphere

Central Instrument Data Processor (CIDP)
Acquisition, compression, storage, and telemetry formatting of science data from all imagers; health and status monitoring; interface with System Control Unit (SCU)

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