Craig J. Pollock
IMAGE MENA Lead Investigator

Dr. Pollock, the lead investigator for the MENA imager, is Principal Scientist in the Department of Space Science at Southwest Research Institute. In addition to neutral atom imaging of the inner magnetosphere, his research interests include the investigation of low-energy charged particle populations in the magnetosphere and in the development of plasma instrumentation to measure these populations. He was involved in analysis of DE-1 RIMS thermal ion data, concentrating on terrestrial ion outflows from the dayside auroral zone. As Experiment Scientist, he played a central role in the design, test and calibration, and integration of Thermal Ion Dynamics Experiment (TIDE) on the Polar satellite and is Co-Investigator in the TIDE MO&DA activities. In addition, Dr. Pollock served as the Principal Investigator for the development of the Thermal Electron Capped Hemisphere Spectrometer (TECHS) and the Scanning Thermal Ion Composition Spectrometer (STICS), which were successfully flown on the SCIFER (Sounding of the Cleft Ion Fountain Energization Region) sounding rocket in January 1995. He is presently PI for the development of TICHS and TECHS spectrometers for flight on CAPER (Cleft Accelerated Plasma Experiment Rocket).

Academic background: B.A. in Physics, Siena College, 1980; Ph.D. in Physics, University of New Hampshire, 1987