Bill R. Sandel
IMAGE EUV Instrument PI

Dr. Sandel is a Senior Research Scientist at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory of the University of Arizona in Tucson. In addition to his work on imaging Earth's plasmasphere, his interests include the atmospheres of the outer planets and their satellites Titan and Triton, and the Io plasma torus. Dr. Sandel is extending his earlier work on the energetics and dynamics of the Io plasma torus using the EUV Channel on Galileo and the UVSTAR, an EUV imaging spectrograph constructed by the University of Arizona and the University of Trieste. Flown on the space shuttle, UVSTAR is designed for studies of the jovian system, with particular emphasis on the torus. Dr. Sandel is also carrying out investigations of chemistry and excitation mechanisms in the Earth's upper atmosphere using LPL's GLO instrument, a set of spectrographs covering the spectral range 1150-9000 angstroms and support imagers that flies regularly on the shuttle. Another of Dr. Sandel's research interests is the outer heliosphere and its interaction with the interstellar medium, which he studies using Voyager UVS maps of sky background H Lyman alpha emissions.. He is a member of the Science Team for the Deep Space 1 Mission of NASA's New Millennium Program.

Academic background: B.A. in Physics, Rice University, 1968; M.A. in Space Science, Rice University, 1971; Ph.D. in Space Science, Rice University, 1972