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This glossary offers definitions of basic space physics terms and concepts that are used in this and other Web sites developed for the IMAGE mission. The definitions assume no prior knowledge of space physics and are intended to help the general user of the IMAGE Web sites better understand the broad science goals of the IMAGE mission, the mission's specific measurement objectives, and the rationale behind the selection of the instruments that make up IMAGE's scientific payload. (Please note that the IMAGE glossary is still under development. Additional entries are currently being written and will be posted as soon as they are ready.)

In addition to this glossary, a number of other space physics resources relevant to the IMAGE mission are available on the Web.The visitor to this site may thus also wish to consult, for example, " Space Weather Today," which is part of the University of Michigan's "Windows to the Universe," and the NOAA/National Geophysical Data Center's " On-line Glossary of Solar-Terrestrial Physics Terms." (References and links to additional space physics resources on the Web as well as an "Ask the Space Scientist" question-and-answer page can be found at the IMAGE mission's POETRY Web site.)

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