(The caption appears below the figure.)

This image shows energetic neutral atom (ENA) emissions from the Earth's ring current, as seen with the High Energy Neutral Atom (HENA) on NASA's IMAGE spacecraft. As shown by the color bar at the top of the image, the false color indicates the intensity of the ENA emissions. This image was acquired at 21:18 UT on 9 June 2000 during the recovery stage of a geomagnetic storm that began on 8 June. The view is toward Earth's north pole from an altitude of 5 Earth radii. The relative size and position of the Earth are indicated by the white circle. Pairs of representative field lines (extending to 4 and 8 Earth radii respectively) are shown at (clockwise from top) local midnight, dusk, noon, and dawn. The image was produced by integrating ENA emissions over the 16-27 keV energy range.

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